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The Don and Bess Huefner family came to live on the shores of Bear Lake in 1968. Two years later they started Bear Lake Maintenance and Security. Since that time, they and their son, Bryce have sustained this successful family business. One of the original services offered by the business was security by providing weekly visits to homes seasonally unoccupied. A few years ago Bryce recognized the old way of weekly visits was not necessary or effective, and partnered with Alarm.com to provide comprehensive, real-time solutions for his customers. Your Cabin Keeper was founded to solve the challenges presented by a harsh climate and the needs of a large population of seasonal homeowners who require 24-hour monitoring and local, rapid response.


Hello!  Welcome to Your Cabin Keeper.  I am here to help you protect your Bear Lake cabin.  I have many years' experience helping people keep their cabins safe and secure.  I live and work here, enabling me to personally respond to various alarm events.   That makes what I do different from the competition.  My customers appreciate that they can call me to check any issue at their cabins, and help them resolve any problems that arise.  It's having a friend at the lake to call on.  I can also set your alarm panel to call me as well as you so that I am alerted 24/7 whenever your system is triggered.  I also maintain all parts of your system to make sure it is always ready to protect your home.  I  very frequently see water damage from frozen pipes.   Fire and theft  are also a concern.  Interestingly, my customers enjoy seeing wildlife on their cameras as well.  One recently caught images of a mountain lion on their deck. 


Call me at 435-757-0967 to discuss any questions you may have about hiring Your Cabin Keeper to install, maintain, dispatch, and respond for your Bear Lake cabin's needs!


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